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Upfront Memberships

Choose between 6 or 12 months for a discounted membership.

10-15% Discount 

No lock-in contracts

1 Free Trial Class


 2 classes/wk Membership
4 classes/wk Membership

Choose any 2 or 4 classes from BJJ, MuayThai, Boxing, MMA, Wrestling or Judo.  Kids can choose from BJJ, MuayThai or Boxing.

All m'ships include the weights area

No lock-in contracts.

1 Free Trial Class


Unlimited Membership

This membership entitles you to unlimited classes across all disciplines, including the weights area and infrared Sauna  

Unlimited access to the following classes: BJJ, MuayThai, Boxing, MMA, Wrestling, Judo, Kids BJJ, Kids MuayThai and Kids Boxing.

No lock-in contracts

1 Free Trial Class

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